I Sell With Integrity™
Marlene Borse Realtor Naperville Plainfield region

My Integrity Pledge to You!

I will focus on you and your needs and wants. I know that our overall success depends on how well I fill your needs and create value for you that exceeds what you pay.

I succeed when I succeed with you... when you refer me to your friends and continue to allow me to serve you.

I have been trained in a process called Integrity Selling®, because my aim is to serve you in the most effective manner.

My Integrity Pledge to you is:

  • To develop a trust relationship with you.
  • To fully understand your wants, needs, problems or concerns.
  • To only recommend solutions that will create value for you.
  • To deliver more value to you than you expect to receive.
  • To deal honestly and fairly with you.

The process I pledge to practice is:

  • I will demonstrate a professional approach and gain rapport with each client and customer.
  • I will interview and understand the Real Estate wants, needs, problems or concerns in a professional way before recommending a solution.
  • I will recommend or demonstrate an appropriate solution to all Real Estate wants and needs.
  • I will demonstrate with honesty and do my best to earn the trust from each buyer and seller.
  • I will listen and help all buyers and sellers work through challenges and concerns before a decision is made.
  • I will not recommend a solution when it is not the best choice for my clients or customers.
  • I will follow-up and successfully handle all Real Estate concerns after the sale.

I will do my best to carry out this pledge and sincerely appreciate this opportunity to serve you.

Marlene Borse

Realtor Integrity Selling Specialist